Scanning Electron Microscopy

The Jeol JSM-5200 SEM with an EDAX imaging system

SEM Preparation     Procedure

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  • Resolution (secondary electron image): 5nm (at 25 kV, WD=10 mm)
  • Accelerating voltage: 1 to 25 kV (7steps)

  • Magnification: x 15 to 200,000 (25 steps) Auto-mag.
    correction built-in at WD=10,20,48mm Magnification memory Built-in
  • Imaging modes: SEI (secondary electron image)
    BEI (backscattered electron image)
  • Lens system:Two-stage Condenser lens and Single-stage
    Objective lens
  • Focusing: Manual and auto-control
  • Astigmatism correction: manual and auto-control
    Stigmator memory built-in
  • Image fine shift: Joystick built-in +/-10 µm in all direction
  • Specimen stage: Eucentric goniometer
    • specimen size: 10 mm dia. x 10 mmh,
      32 mm dia. x 10 mmh, 51 mm dia. x 10 mmh
    • Specimen movements: X=10mm, Y=20mm,
      T=-40 to +90°:, R =360°: (endless)
    • Working distance: 10, 20, 48 mm

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