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Required Software

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Questionnaires and Pre/Post-Tests 
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A Description of the Lab: 
Purpose: To become familiar with the measurement of positions on digital images. To understand how the height of surface features on the moon is determined from measurements of the length of their shadows. 

This exercise utilizes digital images of the moon taken with a small telescope equipped with a small- format CCD camera. Using the public-domain program IMDISP, students examine images of lunar surface features. They measure the length of the shadow of a mountain, determine the relative position of the sun to the lunar surface (using a public domain ephemeris program: ICE), and use this information to calculate the height of the mountain. The CLEA package includes software and student manuals. Instructors can, if they wish, use their own digital images or, if telescopes and CCD Cameras are available, have students take their own images at opportune phases of the moon.


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