1. Dutch 16th- 17th Century Alphabet

2. Early Plow From Pennsylvania ( Museum)

3. Two Early Trade Guns

4. Early Native American Weapons

5. 16th Century New World Slave Ship

6. Smallpox Single Woman

7. Smallpox Group of People

8. Woman And Kids Diseased

9. Asian Cockroach

10. Grazing Cattle

11.  Two Sheep

12.  Boars

13. Raising Horses on to a Boat

14. Potatoes

15. Sugarcane

16. Maize

17. Christopher Columbus

18. New World With Sailors and Columbus

19. Sailors and Indians Meeting

20. Original Cherokee Syllabary

21. Lendeert Bronck House. Coxsackie, NY

22. Boston Harbor

23. Drawing of New York Harbor



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