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Stage 2 Outline

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary-Building
  3. Reading Practice
  4. Kanji
  5. Listening
  6. JLPT-Specific (incl. grammar, vocabulary, and kanji)

Recommended Tools: Rikaichan, KanjiBox, Keyhole TV, Wordchamp, Lang-8, The Mixxer, Quia, Quizlet

Stage 2 is intended for those who have studied Japanese for a decent amount of time or around two to three years of college classes. The majority of the websites are written in English, whereas the websites in Stage 3 will increasingly be written entirely in Japanese. Because of this, the Grammar resources are not much different from those in Stage 1, as the more advanced the grammar, the less websites there are available in languages other than Japanese. Vocabulary should be studied in context at this point (and so the Reading section is much more important here), rather than from lists of simple words, but websites with words that won't be found in textbooks are listed here. Kanji are more important to comprehend at this stage, and so there are more resources available for that category. A new section, Listening, is also introduced at this stage, as understanding naturally spoken Japanese is increasingly important at this point. Furthermore, JLPT reference websites are also available, and at this point, taking a lower level (such as N4) is most likely viable at this point.

* Sites that are introduced in Stage 2 but are not in Stage 1 are marked with an asterisk.