Carbon Diagnostic Development at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics

  Past students include

Christine Kuhn ('10) (master's candidate in mechanical engineering)

Brittany Cochran ('10) (medical physicist at Jaeger Corp.)

Samantha Fay ('10) (Ph.D candidate in chemical physics)

Erin Smith ('08) (High School Physics Teacher)

Anne Emerson ('08) (Fulbright Scholar, then Ph.D candidate in science eduation)

Maria Alejandra Barrios ('07) (post-doc fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Lauren Kate McNamara Gibson ('07) (Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington, DC)

Jamie Leiter ('07) (working for Target in State College, PA)

Kristen Toskes ('07) (working as a government analyst in Washington, DC)

Jenna Deaven ('07) (Ph.D. candidate in nuclear engineering)

Bill Anderson ('04) (working for BioTek Instruments in Burlington, VT)

Mark Johnson ('04) (mechanical engineer, R&D at Abbott Vascular)

Justin Pryzby ('03)

Presentations:  Christine Kuhn and Samantha Fay gave a talk on November 30, 2007.  The pdf file is here.