...to make reason as effective as possible requires an insight into the limitations of the powers of conscious reason
and into the assistance we obtain from processes of which we are not aware...
-Friedrich August von Hayek (Rules and Order 1983)

My Fascination with Energy Markets

In May 2014, I discussed Lithuania's energy security and ways to strengthen it with Skirmantas Malinauskas at 15min.lt:
LT: Ekonomistas Rimvydas Baltaduonis: „Lietuvos energetinis saugumas gali buti sunaikintas per akimirka“

In August 2013, I gave an interview about Lithuania's energy sector and its future to Jurgita Lapienyte at 15min.lt:
EN: Professor Rimvydas Baltaduonis: Private investors do not believe in Visaginas NPP
LT: Rimvydas Baltaduonis: atomines elektrines sekmes garantas – mokesciu moketoju pinigai

In April 2013, I joined a panel discussion on real-time electricity markets at a policy conference organized by Silicon Flatirons Center at the University of Colorado. Conference "Towards Dynamic Markets in Electric Power, Water, and Wireless Spectrum":

In July 2009, Dr. Karel Nolles and I conducted the Energy Market Workshop organized by the Resources Energy and Environmental Markets Lab (REEML) at the University of Sydney.

My papers most directly related to electric power markets can be accessed here:
- Efficiency in Deregulated Electricity Markets: Offer Cost Minimization vs. Payment Cost Minimization Auction
- An Experimental Study of Complex-Offer Auctions from Wholesale Energy Markets
- Simple-Offer vs. Complex-Offer Auctions in Deregulated Electricity Markets

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet concerning simple Electricity Market Games is available here.