...the scientist in us should always remain just a little sceptical
even of those propositions that appear to receive very convincing, replicable, evidential support.
-Vernon L. Smith (Economic Inquiry 1982)

My Scholarship


Baltaduonis, R., L. Rentschler. Common-Value Procurement Auctions with Renegotiation (download!). Theoretical Economics Letters 4.8 (October 2014): 619-622.

Aycinena, D., R. Baltaduonis, L. Rentschler Risk Preferences and Prenatal Exposure to Sex Hormones for Ladinos (download!). PLoS ONE 9.8 (2014): 1-10.

Baltaduonis, R. An Experimental Study of Complex-Offer Auctions from Wholesale Energy Markets (download!). Applied Economics and Finance 1.1 (May 2014): 96-115.

Aycinena, D., R. Baltaduonis, L. Rentschler. Valuation Structure in First-Price and Least-Revenue Auctions: An Experimental Investigation (download!). Experimental Economics 17.1 (2014): 100-128.

Baltaduonis, R. Comments on Vernon Briggs’s The State of U.S. Immigration Policy: The Quandary of Economic Methodology and the Relevance of Economic research to Know (download!). The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy 5.1 (2009): 195-198.

Baltaduonis, R. Efficiency in Deregulated Electricity Markets: Offer Cost Minimization vs. Payment Cost Minimization Auction (download!). in J. Roufagalas (Ed.), Mechanisms & Policies in Economics. Athens, Greece: ATINER (2007): 173-188.

Working Papers

Risk and Abnormal Returns in Markets for Congestion Revenue Rights (download!) (with Samuel Bonar, John Carnes & Erin Mastrangelo)

“Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions by an Intertemporal Policy Mix: An Experimental Investigation” (with Tihomir Ancev & Elizabeth Bernold)

"Flicking the Switch: Retail Demand-Side Response under Alternative Electricity Pricing Contracts" (with Tihomir Ancev, Tim Capon & Taylor Smart‘13)

"Soil Carbon Sequestration Market-based Instruments: a Comparison of Action-based vs. Outcome-based Payments Using Laboratory Experiments" (with Tim Capon, Andrew Reeson & Jason Crean)

"Strategic Behavior in Smart Markets with Avoidable Fixed Costs: An Experimental Study"

"The Effect of Electricity Transmission Grid Access on Domestic Electricity Prices: An Empirical Analysis of Some European Countries" (with Jacob Hochard‘11)

"The Effect of Prediction Markets on Information Cascades" (with Drew Shives’11)

"Competitiveness, Risk and Prenatal Exposure to Testosterone" (with Diego Aycinena & Lucas Rentschler)

"Valuation Structure and Renegotiation in Auctions" (with Diego Aycinena & Lucas Rentschler)

"Effects of Feedback on Residential Demand for Electricity in Demand-Side Management Programs" (with Julie Weisz ‘12)

Ph.D. Dissertation

I defended my Ph.D. dissertation "Essays on Wholesale Auctions in Deregulated Electricity Markets" at the University of Connecticut on Wednesday, April 11th of 2007.

My dissertation committee: Bart Wilson (GMU), Vicki Knoblauch (chair; UConn), Dennis Heffley (UConn), Richard Langlois (UConn).

If you are interested in my research, please send me an email to rbaltadu@gettysburg.edu.