Oral History Assignment
The Homefront During World War II

This assignment is two related projects in one. The first part of the assignment is an oral history, the second, your analysis of that oral history as a source.

By interviewing a person who lived through the era of World War II (1939-1945) you will not only learn a good deal about this important era in American History, you will also learn first hand some of the peril and promise of oral history. In order effectively to conduct an oral history you will need to do several things outlined in the steps below.

Your oral history transcript should be typed and double-spaced. Footnotes/endnotes are not needed, though it should include an opening statement indicating where and when the interview was conducted. The analysis should also be typed and double-spaced and it will include endnotes and bibliography.

Let me note that you are encouraged to discuss your concerns and anxieties with me. You are also encouraged to discuss your findings with your classmates, but it must be stressed that in the end the work you hand in must be your work alone. Please be sure to sign the honor pledge on the work you hand in.

Step One: Preliminaries

Step Two: Preparation for the Interview

Step Three: The Interview

Step Four: Transcribing the Interview

Step Five: Analysis