Plasma Physics at Gettysburg College

Our Team: Past & Present

Paul Mugabe, an international student from Uganda, helping fabricate the multi-cusp magnet support cage for the interior of the Picketts Charge Plasma Device (PCPD).

Bob Lippy (left), our Partner in Science from Mechanicsburg Area High School, working with Vickram Adige (back, center), Class of '95, and Kevin Greenleaf, Class of '95 to assemble the vacuum chamber of PCPD.

Kevin (left) standing with Dr. Good at the PCPD Control Panel.
Vikram completing the wiring of the data port patch panel for the LabView data acquisition system.
Mike (standing) and Chad Whelan (seated, front), Class of '94, giving advice to Abesh Ghale, Class of '95, regarding the analysis of spectroscopic data from studies of molecular iodine. 
Michael Bieda, Class of '94, showing his dad the laser optogalvanic spectroscopy (LOGS) apparatus.
Jeremy Smith, Class of '96, presenting the PCPD plasma chamber, highlighting the large windows for laser access.
Jeremy standing before the power supplies that drive the dual plasma sources of PCPD.

Jeremy, Paul, Dr. Good, and Mr. Lippy, in the middle of a research strategy session.