CLEA Comments

From Universities

Heidi Newberg at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute:

I have used your laboratory exercises with great success in my intro astronomy and astrophysics class for astronomy and physics majors.


Brian Oetiker at Sam Houston State University:

I wanted to let you know that the CLEA labs are very popular with the students. Even though they find the labs to be challenging, they are much more interesting than the standard "paper" labs.

Nate Phillips, Astronomy Lab Coordinator, Department of Physics The College of William and Mary

 I must say that your CLEA labs really are terrific! We try to give the students an equal share of experiment (i.e. Optics and spectrometry), observation, and simulation, and CLEA is quite popular.

    Andrew Rivers at University of New Mexico:

I have thoroughly enjoyed your programs so far.  They seem to be quite well thought out and designed.  If we are ever able to get enough computers for our Intro. Astronomy labs, they  should prove to be a valuable addition

Doug Leadenham, DeVry University – Fremont:
....your workshop was the best and most useful to me in teaching that I have ever had. Keep up the good work.

Simonetta Frittelli, Department of Physics, Duquesne University :
I have been using your CLEA package extensively for the last five years, with students in highschool and college, and I find it an exceptional tool for instruction at all levels.

Bob Marlowe at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga:
I recently attended the 5th Workshop for Teachers of Introductory Astronomy (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, 20 July-Aug.1, 1997), which stressed the use of CLEA activities.  We had used two of the labs: The Moons of Jupiter and The Expansion of the Universe in our astronomy courses here at UTC during the past year--- we liked them very much.

Donna Mullenax of Seneca, South Carolina:
Thank you for a wonderful page.  I found this page while searching for some lab ideas for introductory lab at the University I teach.  I have found it very helpful.  And again say thank you.

Eric Richards at the University of Virginia:
We are currently implementing your CLEA labs here at the University of Virginia. I myself tested the Hubble lab out on my introductory astronomy class this summer with great success. I must say that your lab is far superior to our previous Sky & Telescope Hubble lab.

Eric Richards of Charlottesville, Virginia:
We are currently implementing your CLEA labs here at the University of Virginia. I, myself tested the Hubble lab out on my introductory astronomy class this summer with great success. I must say that your lab is far superior to our previous telescope Hubble lab.

Ivan Policoff at the University of Minnesota - General College:
I am very pleased to have access to a series of high quality astronomical laboratory exercises.

Robert Curry at the University of New Hampshire:
Thank you for making the CLEA series of programs available.

Scott B. Johnson at Idaho State University:
I am quite impressed with what you have put out so far!  I would like to incorporate them in our discriptive astronomy labs.

David Van Blerkom at the University of Massachusetts:
I have looked at the red-shift laboratory, and I like the concept.

Professor M.N. Anadaram of Bangalore University:
Our boys liked the initial run of your Spectral Classification and Solar Radiatiation Flow programs.  I heartily congratulate you or this splendid effort also as a new member of IAU commission # 46 (Teaching of Astronomy).

Jack Pitkin of the University of Tennessee at Chatanooga:
We are very pleased with the CLEA exercises.  Thank you for your help.

Russell Doescher at Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX:
I've used CLEA labs for a few years now.  These are very good labs and my students like them, well some of them!

Connie E. Walker at University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ:
Your programs have been used by myself and a few other instructors here at the U of Arizona.  Your products are fantastic

Jim Napolitano at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute:
I've retrieved and printed out all your documentation.  I am very impressed with the clear organization and throroughness.  Nice work.

Randy Weber at University of Kansas:
I am currently enrolled in an astronomy course at the University of Kansas. In the lab section, we are using some of the CLEA programs to teach some of the material. I have found these programs to be excellent. As a prospective science teacher, these programs could prove extremely valuable.  Thanks and keep up the good work!

William F. Dinyes at University of Maryland, College Park, MD:
These labs are just wonderful.  I am currently teaching an observational astronomy class for non-astronomy students and find that on nights when it is cloudy, these labs are a more than adequate substitute to actual observing.

Sean Fleming, student at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN:
I have been using your program in our labs for the past few months and have found them very informative.

Alex Easton at University of the West of England:
Your programs are exactly what we need - what I particularly like about them is their flexibility.  With different amounts of support, students from many different backgrounds and accomplishments can benefit from their use.