CLEA Comments

From High School Teachers

Tony Wald, St. Johns Country Day School, Orange Park FL
                 I have as an undergraduate and graduate student utilized the CLEA software and am always impressed with the student response to being an "astronomer for the day", so to speak. Now that I teach high school, I was very happy to learn that the CLEA software is free for educational purposes!
Larry Hills, Science Dept, Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH
                 I want to let you know that I am using 4 or more of the CLEA Labs. with High School students with great success. The instructions are very clear and the "flow" of the experiments is great!!
Mike Marrin, Valrico, FL
                 These are great lessons. I have been teaching High School Science for over 30 years. This year I was given an Astronomy class. I was given no materials but a text. Your web site has helped bring Astronomy to Life for my kids. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has made this year very enjoyable for all of us.
Roy Riegel, South Burlington High School, South Burlington,VT
                 I have used some of the programs for a few years now in my high school physics classes. They are GREAT. I very much appreciate having this resource available at a cost that our department can afford. :)
Adrienne Hestenes, Xavier College Preparatory, Phoenix, AZ:
                 I love these labs. I use as many as I can in my class and the students all love them.
Joe Wesney, Naples High School, Naples, FL:
                 I love teaching astronomy and really like the CLEA labs. Just finished Stellar Spectra and a great way for the students to understand blackbody curves, radiation laws and energies (wavelengths) of photons.  Excellent lab. I have only done 5 of the labs so far with my students.  I keep adding a couple every year.
Bart Thomas,Greenwich High School, Greenwich, Connecticut:
                 CLEA provides great labs for my Honors Astronomy (U. Conn. 155Q) students here at Greenwich High School.  At this season let me simply say "Thanks to you guys and gals." Keep up the great work.
David Schuth at Sycamore School in Indianapolis, Indiana:
                 Your programs are wonderful! I've been using them selectively for the past two years! I teach astronomy to gifted and talented children at the 7th grade level, and they really enjoy your programs.

Glenn R. Goldsborough Pennsbury High School in Fairless Hills, PA :
                 I love your programs. They're great. I was introduced to them through a summer class put on by the Pennsylvania Space Grant and Penn State University. I teach a High School astronomy course

Claudia M. Fetters at Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, Virginia:
                 This is the first year that we have been teaching astronomy in our high school and we are utilizing your excellent software to add to our program.  I have used the Rotation of Mercury lab and the Galilean satellite lab so far and both were greatly appreciated.

Deano Smith; Glenelg, Maryland:
                 These are the best computer-based astronomy exercises, indeed some of the best of any sort of lab, that I've seen in 10 years of teaching astronomy at college and high school levels. Thanks! And keep 'em coming.

Ken Fiore, Sheffield Lake State, OH               
                 Your programs are excellent!! My students and I have learned a lot by using them

Mark Ritter at Temecula Valley High School , Temecula CA:                     
                 I appreciate CLEA very much as it shows that although astronomy is a beautiful and romantic discipline, there is science, and numbers, and graphing, and interpretation, etc. involved in it all. Thanks for making it real!

Robert Welsh Physics Teacher, Carver High School of Engineering & Science Philadelphia PA 19121:

            I just completed teaching Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation and Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion. I used the CLEA Jupiter lab to support the classroom lectures. This CLEA lab exactly mirrors what I expected my students to be able to do. Thanks...

Tina E. Morin,  The Pomfret School, Pomfret, CT:

             I'm an astronomy teacher at a private school in Connecticut and your labs are excellent additions to our curriculum. When the skies turn cloudy in CT (as they so often do in the spring) your labs are just the thing! Thanks!

Debbie Michael,  Sherrills Ford, NC, 2000 Presidential Awardee - secondary science:
                  I use your programs in my high school astronomy class.  I appreciate the use of the  software   as money to purchase software is very limited.  These programs illustrate principles that are hard to explain to students. I make my students read the manuals to perform the labs.  This is a good way to  integrate reading skills into the science curriculum.   Keep up the good work.

Dick Osso at Brockton High School in Brockton, Massachusetts:
I am impressed by the promise of the labs you provide.  Getting students to collect data and analyze it is the format we are looking for.  Continue your work.  This is exactly what is needed for the kids to see what research can do and how they need to improve their skills.

Dr. Keith A. Moseley at Monmouth School:
Just unzipped some of the software and find it most useful. The exercises will support our A level (age 16-18) astrophysics topic. Many thanks.  I will tell others about your site!

Kathy King, Sacramento, CA:
I am interested in using this site as part of my lessons.  I teach 8th grade physical science.  I used this before when I was attending CSUS, and thought it was great.

 Phillip Scott,  Kiowa, Oklahoma:
I just finished using "The Revolution of Jupiter's Moons" with my high school astronomy class.  Loved it!  I plan to use more.  Thanks.

Eric Heim of Baltimore, Maryland:
I'm a teacher in Baltimore County and wanted to let you know that I've been reviewing four programs I found on CompuServe: CLEA for Hubble, Jupiter, Mercury and Pleiades.  I'm going to be teaching a High school level astronomy course soon and without textbooks, so I'm very interested in this sort of software.  I'm impressed with the above programs.  Keep up the good work!

Glenn Schembri at the Trinity School in New York City:
I had a chance to look over your web page and was impressed by the interesting labs you offer.  I am a science teacher at the Trinity School in NYC.  We are looking for some good problem-solving type software as well as simulations to use with students in grades 7 through 12.  Your introductory astrolabs seem to fit the bill for what we are trying to do with students.

John McMain of Eagle, Colorado:
Wow!  Your labs are great!  I'm an elementary school teacher who also runs an astronomy club.  For kids who like to think, your activities are wonderful!

Mike Masse of Richmond, Texas:
Thanks for your efforts.  The software and student manuals are first class.

M.J. McNeit of Iowa City, Iowa:
The software is very good and I hope to use it in my High School Physics labs during our Astronomy unit.

Kathleen Franks of Indian Trail Academy, Wisconsin:
I recently completed the University of Wisconsin Learning Inovations, Independent Learning, course Survey of Astronomy.  They used the CLEA labs and I enjoyed them.  I teach high school science and I plan to use the labs in my Geoscience and Astronomy class.

Ron Bates of  Newcastle, Australia:
I am a high school physics teacher at Gateshead High School here in Newcastle.  I found the Clea Home page while searching for interactive software for an astronomy elective.  I have used the plieades lab and think it excellent.  The students appreciated the change.

Claudia Fetters of Alexandria, VA:
This is the first year that we have been teaching astromomy in our high school and we are utilizing your excellent software to add to our program.  I have used the Rotation of Mercury lab and the Galilean satellite lab so far and both were greatly appreciated.

Emily Sterner at Horace Mann School in Bronx, NY:
I am a high school astronomy teacher.  I have been using your labs in class and my students really enjoy them.  We have used photoelectric photometry and energy transfer.  Thank you so much for your work.  It really helps to liven up my class!

Matt Umurhan:
I teach Astronomy to high school students on the weekends and we've used a bunch of the software your company produces and I must say they have all been fantastic especially the spectral classification one.  Thanks a lot.

Doug Burns at Kalkaska High School in Kalkaska, Michigan:
The labs were a tremendous addition and really helped the kids to see the applicability of the concepts I was teaching. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!!!

Philip Grathoff of University High School in Urbana, IL:
I teach a high school class in astronomy and enjoy using your programs very much.

Dr. John Testa of Oklahoma City, OK:
I have used four of your labs in my Physics Higher Level courses.  They were very successful.  Thanks.

Tim Brennan of Naperville, IL:
I think simulations can be very meaningful ways of getting at topics that might never be addressed in school settings.