CLEA Comments

From College Classes

Garry Noe, Physics Department, Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk,VA:
I've used a half dozen CLEA exercises in my astronomy lab course for 10+ years now; they're wonderful..

Robert Reynolds  at Reed College:
An update since my earlier contact re the CLEA labs -- I got Virtual PC installed on my desk Mac and have worked through most of the labs. I'm deeply impressed, and I plan to use six of them in my introductory (non-majors) course this semester (the extra-solar system ones plus the solar energy one). ...Meanwhile, congratulations on what I regard as an amazing set of labs.

Jean M. Quashnock  at Carthage College, Kenosha, WI:

        I congratulate you on your software - the students enjoy learning astronomy this way.

Pam Bryant  at Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX:

        I have used the CLEA software extensively since last year. I really am impressed.

Paul Marquard  at Casper College, Casper, WY:
I really love these projects. I use about 6 of them for this class every semester.

Juan Sanchez  at City College of San Francisco:
I am an Ast. student currently taking Introduction to Astrophysics at the City College of San Francisco. Thank you so much for making this wonderful software available.

Steve Danford  at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro:
I've used Project Clea software in my astronomy classes for some years now. The software always works, it is easily available at no cost, and is a marvelous resource.  My thanks to the people who put this project together, who maintain it, and especially to those who fund it!

Bruce Thompson at Ithaca College:
I use several of your exercizes in my Astronomy lab course and the students like them.  I think that they even learn something!  Keep up the good work!

Andrea K. Dobson at Whitman College

Lke your labs LOTS--we use most of your labs w/ our classes here at
Whitman.  Thanks for all your hard work,

        Rica S. French  at the University of Texas, Austin
           I love the CLEA exercises and use some of them in my classes.

Joel W. Cannon at Centenary College of Louisiana:
I used the CLEA spectrum lab this past fall, and was very pleased with it. This is the first tool to show my students or me how astronomers can classify spectra.  It seemed much like magic before.  The students on the whole seemed to enjoy (that may be too strong) the detective work.  Thanks and good work.

Kirsten A. Brandt at the University of St Thomas, St Paul, Minnesota
CLEA software has been a mainstay in our Astronomy labs.  Thank you for offering your time and talents.....

Dr. John Burton at Carson-Newman College:
CLEA has been very useful for our elementary Astronomy course.  I look forward to using three newer additions this spring and to the next one when we get it in.

Gary Kutina at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois:
I have been using you labs in my Astronomy 101 class at Harper College in Palatine, IL.  I have really enjoyed the Jupiter moons and Hubble labs.  Thanks again for developing something like this.

Dr. Bob Nelson of the College of New Caledonia:
I love your stuff and am seriously planning to integrate one or more into my first year college-level course.

C. Terry at Ventura College:
We have been using CLEA material for a while now and we have been very pleased with the material to date!

Irene Little-Marenin at Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA:
Participants in our program really enjoy the CLEA labs!

Stephan Martin at Williams College:
Thanks again for doing such a great job with the labs - they look great and the students said that they were their favorites last semester!

Mr. Dez Futak at Clifton College, UK:
Many thanks for developing this software; it will be invaluable to the students involved in BSRA(Bristol Student Radio Astronomers).