Kathy Berenson

Assistant Professor
of  Psychology
Gettysburg College
Personality Lab



Gettysburg College
Psychology Department
300 North Washington St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325

office: McCreary 322

I teach Abnormal Psychology, Personality Psychology, and the Laboratory in Personality and Psychopathology.
  I am also the faculty advisor for the student organization Active Minds. 
If you are considering career paths and/or graduate study related to mental health (e.g., clinical, counseling, social work, etc.)
 feel free to stop by to talk about it during my office hours or contact me for an appointment.

I am a clinical psychologist studying the cognitive/affective and interpersonal processes that can play a role in psychological difficulties.
My research interests also include the various issues of stigma and identity associated with experiencing a mental disorder.
For more information about my research lab and publications, click on the links above.

Selected examples of my work:
  • The Rejection Sensitivity Questionnaire - Adult Version (A-RSQ)  [View/download]
  • Berenson, K.R., Downey, G., Rafaeli, E., Coifman, K.G, & Leventhal  Paquin, N. (2011).  The rejection-rage contingency in borderline personality disorder.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 120, 681-690. [View/download]
  • Berenson, K.R., Gyurak, A., Downey, G., Ayduk, O., Mogg, K., Bradley, B., & Pine, D. (2009). Rejection sensitivity and disruption of attention by social threat cues. Journal of Research in Personality, 43, 10641072. [View/download]
  • Berenson K.R., & Andersen S.M. (2006). Childhood physical and emotional abuse by a parent: Transference effects in adult interpersonal relations. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 32, 1509-1522. [View/download]
  • Berenson, K.R., Crawford, T.N., Cohen, P., & Brook, J. (2005). Implications of parental identification and parents' acceptance for adolescent and young adult self-esteem. Self and Identity, 4, 289-301. [View/download]