The 2008 Class produced an '80's Brat Pack version of "The Castle of Perseverance"

Fast Times at Morality High
by Bridget McElroy
Contributing Writer

Come one!  Come all!  On Friday, May 2nd, the ultimate battle for good and evil will be fought on the Gettysburg College Campus as Chris Fee’s Medieval Drama class brings to life a modern rendition of the classic medieval play, “The Castle of Perseverance” in their very own version entitled, “Fast Time at Morality High.”  (And yes, in case you couldn’t tell from the title – it’s an 80s rendition.  Bring on the side pony tails and goofy lingo.)

As a class requirement, Fee’s class puts on their own adaptation of a medieval play every year.  In the original “Castle of Perseverance,” the struggle between the forces of good and evil is portrayed by the fall and eventual salvation of man. These forces are portrayed through moral personifications, such as the seven Deadly Sins and the seven Cardinal Virtues, which struggle against one another in an attempt to gain control over Man’s soul.

In the adapted version, we see “Mankind” in a more modern setting – an 80s high school – and watch as he is pulled between choosing between the “Good Angel” and her angelic, pom-pom wielding Virtues, and the “Bad Angel” and her ne’er-do-well, pot-smoking Vices. From choosing the theme, to translating to directing to costuming and creating the stage and scenery, Fee’s class is in charge of every aspect of the production.   They even videotape and make their own t-shirts.  Oh yeah, and they’re the actors, too. Seldom does a night pass where you won’t see them rehearsing outside of Breidenbaugh in the darkness of the night, shouting and cheering and disturbing the first-year class, and frightening all passer-bys.  But sacrifices need to be made to guarantee brilliance on the stage, and this class is certainly not cutting any corners.

           Top 10 Reasons to come see the play:

1.  To see John McMenamin play a country bumpkin… and hear his sick Missouri accent.
2.  Anthony Everitt gained 50 pounds to play the role of Gluttony.
3. A porn magazine is an essential prop.
4. The Vices have sexy legs.
5. The Virtues are, like, totally performing a cheer!  YAY!  Not to mention they wear short skirts.
6. To see Hunt wielding a chain.
7. There is a long, drawn-out torture scene of Mankind.  Will McMenamin escape unscathed?
8. FOOD Fight!
9. Demona curses approximately once for every ten words she speaks.
10. The soundtrack includes live music performed by our very own rock star, Caleb Baker.

You’re probably wondering – is there anything this talented young group can’t do?  The answer: no.  But I’m not here to convince you of that – you’ll have to come see for yourself.  The play will be performed on the back steps of Breidenbaugh on Friday, May 2nd at 4:30 p.m.  What better way to spend the afternoon on your last day of class?

To learn more about the play or to see footage from the dress rehearsal performed last week at Centenary College, see the class website at: