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An Adaptation of John Redford's Wit and Science performed by Professor Chris Fee's Medieval Drama class on Thursday, May 1, 2003 at 5 pm outside of Glatfelter Hall on the campus of Gettysburg College*


He Is NOT A Crook!! (But He IS Tedious!!!)Links:

History of Play

Our Class and Rehearsals

Costuming/Props Group

Translation Group

Staging Group

Directing Group

The Cast

Gettysburgian Article from 5/1/03

The Final Product and Aftermath



He Is NOT A Crook!! (But He IS Tedious!!!)


Thanks to the English Department, Pfeltz, Fee, Invader Zim, Piggy, President Nixon, Glatfelter Hall, The Class, Bevington, John Redford, and Mooney!


*For a Digital Video CD-Rom of this Production, including the Play, Behind-the-Scenes Footage and Special Audio Bonus Tracks, contact:



A Gettysburg College Medieval Drama Spring 2003 Production

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