The 2010 Class envisioned a Zombie Apocalypse version of the Wakefield Last Judgment (Image Credit: Fee and Miller 2010)

Directing Good Judgment
by Annela Levitov

What’s it like to control the undead?  No, don’t ask Satan.  Ask this year’s Medieval Drama direction group.  These students are directing a riveting modernization of The Last Judgment and The Harrowing of Hell, called Judgment is Good.  The directors of this year’s production are Chase McMullen, Emily Schrum, Erin Cushing, Laura Saporito, Marci Zimmerman, Rachel Rakoff and Tommy Harkins.

So what does the direction group do?  These students are responsible for formulating a schedule of meeting times and rehearsals, as well as casting and directing specific scenes and the overall production.  “We are charged with overseeing the production and overall vision of the play, and making sure that each group’s individual vision coalesces with the whole production,” Erin Cushing explained.  “We’re the glue that holds The Last Judgment together.”  Rachel Rakoff agreed: “There’s so much that goes into it.  Working with other groups can be hard when groups mobilize at different times.”  Some of the challenges of the production involve “trying to accommodate such a diverse and committed group of students who are involved in so many activities,” said Cushing.  Rehearsals with a large cast can prove occasionally difficult to schedule.  As Emily Schrum said, “It’s been an interesting experience,” but it’s “hard to find a nice balance when directing your peers.”  The members of the direction group work well together.  “We’re very good at collaborating…and delegating,” Cushing asserted.  “I don’t think there’s any one point person.” 

Adam "Jesus" Clever takes Direction from Emily "I'm God Here" Schrum (Image Credit: Fee and Miller 2010)



Schrum mentioned that though “meshing schedules has been the most difficult task, coordinating the music has been the most fun.  Aside from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ come see the saved souls ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ after they climb the ‘Stairway to Heaven.’”  You’ll enjoy these and more witty Hellish songs and even a group of dancing zombies.

“This play is going to be really funny, and I didn’t expect it to be funny,” Cushing said with a smile.  “Everyone should come see it.” 

Dated 04/15/10